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About Rūt Banks

What happens when Rūt Banks sings with her God-given velvety vocals?

Well, people close their eyes, sing, praise, and sway to her smooth flowing melodies. Finding it easy to enter into the presence of The Most High in their worship. Her music often pulls people into a space of soothing meditation and reflection, with a mix of Neo-soul, R&B, and eclectic flow. She has many artists to thank for her inspiration—Jaci Velasquez, Jon Gibson, India Arie and Lauryn Hill, to name a few.

When she was young girl, barely one years old, many would refer to Stefanie Hughes (commonly known as Rūt Banks) as “an old soul” because of the deep, heartfelt hums that escaped her mouth. She grew up in St. Louis, surrounded by harmonies in an A Cappella choir at her church. She was literally born into music. In 2011, she left St. Louis, moved to Nashville to marry her husband of nine and a half years, where they now have four children.

Why start recording at the age of 36?

Rūt’s recording journey started 13 years ago. In 2008, she thought her dream of recording was going to become a reality. She even signed a contract with a label company, recorded a few songs, but nothing progressed. Those doors had closed. Despite the many setbacks and failed attempts to record on her own, Rūt Banks never gave up hope. Instead, she focused on Yah, her walk with Messiah, and her music ministry at her congregation.

“I’d always dreamed of sharing my gift with Yah’s people. I thought I was walking through the right door, but it seemed to have closed as soon as it opened. I was devastated, but I knew it was the will of Yah. I knew Yah was working on me. I also knew He would provide the right people in His timing to fulfill in me what He’d placed within me– and that He has done.”

One of the highest compliments Rūt receives is when she is told that something she sang or spoke was specifically for them and that Yah was speaking to them through her ministry. Rūt plans to revive some of her old songs she’s written that only a few have heard from her earlier years.

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